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The Douglas County Healthy Youth Coalition hopes that our blog site|forum will better connect our families with one another, as well as practitioners and service providers based here in our community. Our coalition and its members are firm believers in the timeless proverb “it takes a village to raise a child”. Unfortunately, parents have never had, nor never will be given the perfect one size fits all manual for raising healthy and well-adjusted young adults.  It’s for this reason, we hope gather broad base perspective (best practices) that meet the ongoing needs of our families and fulfills our organization mission to “put the health and well-being of Douglas County youth first, through advocacy, education, and community partnerships”.

Respondents please help us and our parents with the following:

  • Encouragement, confidence and inspirational stories

  • Tips and advice from experts

  • Resources and parenting success recommendations

  • Parent insights you’ve gained and the challenges you’ve experienced

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