DCHYC Leadership Team Bio’s

Coalition Coordinator - Curtis Hanock

Curtis has over twenty-five years of community mobilization and youth public health experience at the local, state, and federal level. His work has focused primarily on the prevention of the alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use/abuse.  In these roles, Curtis has amassed extensive experience in working with urban, rural and frontier communities in Arizona, Missouri and Colorado. Through this experience, he has developed expertise in coaching communities at the national and local levels to tackle challenging population level problems through comprehensive, collaborative and sustainable efforts.

His national experience and recognition was accomplished while serving as Program Manager for the National Guard Counter-drug Civil Operation program. This national program provided trained military and civilian professionals in support of state/local substance abuse prevention efforts in 54 states and territories. In this role, Curtis coordinated the training, professional development and coaching of over 100 Civil Operators and their communities.

Before accepting the position as the Douglas County Healthy Youth Coalition Coordinator, Curtis served as a Prevention Specialist/Project Coordinator at Colorado Department of Human Services/ Office of Behavioral Health, where he oversaw over twenty-five community grantees focused on reducing the impact of substance use/abuse.

Curtis holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Services and is a Certified Prevention Professional.

Email: chanock@dcsdk12.org



Sydney Ludwick

Sydney grew up in Douglas County and graduated from Douglas County High School in 2013. They were active in their community, having lettered in community service and having earned their Girl Scout Gold Award. Sydney then earned their BS in biology from Colorado Mesa University in 2016. Sydney continued to be active in their community with a major part of their advocacy focusing on mental health.
Now, Sydney is the vice president for the LGBTQ+ non-profit Castle Rock Pride. There, they advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, building a community, and educating the public. They are also working on earning their PMP certificate and becoming fluent in Japanese. When they’re not busy with work, school, or volunteering, Sydney is usually found drawing, writing, or taking care of their business of ferrets or clowder of cats.

Email: sydney@castlerockpride.org

Leanna Jasek-Rysdahl

Leanna became involved in the Coalition in her first week as the Teen Court/Youth Services Coordinator in the City of Lone Tree. She is a firm believer that issues and solutions are interdisciplinary and coalition members have the ability to support, check, and encourage one another in community goals. Leanna is consistently inspired by the individuals she works with in the community, coalition, and government because of their empathy, brilliance, and dedication.

M.A Conflict Resolution from Korbel School of International Studies at University of Denver, B.A McDaniel College.

Email: leanna.jasek-rysdahl@cityoflonetree.com

Nara Altmann

Nara is an experienced project manager whose work has focused on bringing multi-disciplinary teams to collaborate and develop solutions to complex engineering problems.  Her experience with trauma four years ago through a bipolar disorder diagnostic and more recently as the mother of a child that was at Stem the day of the shooting, shifted her attention towards youth health and education. While engineering work is based on well-established scientific principles, successful and innovative projects require compiling and balancing often diverging propositions from experts and stakeholders. Her intentions are to use her experience along with methods she learned on her masters in Information and Knowledge Strategy from University of Columbia to support the coalition on its efforts to engage the community in active conversation and open sharing of ideas to identify root causes and solutions to the health crisis our youth face today.  She lives in Lone Tree with her husband, two children, a dog and two cats.  Prior to moving to Colorado seven years ago, she lived in Chile, Australia, and Brazil.

E-mail: naraalt@gmail.com

Megan Tran

Megan is a 15 year resident of Castle Pines, CO. She has been working as a Counselor for Prevention at Cresthill Middle School in Highlands Ranch, CO for the past 3 years providing substance abuse prevention, mental health support and organizing district-wide engagement and educational opportunities for parents in Douglas County for the past 3 years. As the parent of 3 teens she truly understands the need for a strong coalition and community-wide involvement to promote healthy lifestyle and positive social messaging to both the youth of Douglas County and their caretakers as well. Megan is passionate about restorative practices, promoting compassionate communities, educating our youth on substance use, and breaking the stigma on mental health issues. She enjoys walking and hiking with her beloved dog, Bode, skiing, and going on adventures with her family.

Email: mtran@dcsdk12.org


Natalie Wiebe

Natalie has worked in the marketing industry for 20 years, gaining experience in product development and life cycle marketing. Having grown up as a military brat and moving every 3 years Natalie has enjoyed living in Colorado for the last 20 years, including 10 years in Highlands Ranch. As a mother to a Douglas County school student, she is passionate about students fulfilling upon their potential through academics while developing positive identities with encouragement from peers, teachers and family. Natalie recognizes community involvement is crucial in supporting students and their families and is excited to participate in the Coalition. In her spare time, Natalie enjoys traveling to beaches, cycling, and reading biographies.

Email:  nmontoya.wiebe@gmail.com.

Lesley Casillas

Lesley is a mother of two teenagers and has lived in Lone Tree for 14 years.  After graduating from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in Government and Public Relations, she worked as a public relations practitioner in the technology sector. Since she started her family, she has dedicated her life to supporting the well-being of communities and families while focusing on the needs of our youth.  When she first moved to Lone Tree, CO from St. Paul, MN, she volunteered and joined Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS).  During her children’s elementary and middle school years, she wrote educational grants and volunteered as a reading tutor and Battle of the Books coach.  She also worked with Reading Partners as a tutor for disadvantaged inner-city students.  Currently she works with foster care children as a Court Appointed Special Advocate.  Her work touches upon trauma-informed care while bringing hope and solutions for the total well-being of children and families.  She enjoys skiing, hiking, traveling and enjoying the local arts scene with her husband and children.

Email: lesleyacasillas@gmail.com

Kelly Ulreich

Kelly is a 3-year resident of Highlands Ranch.  She works at Highlands Behavioral Health System and enjoys switching roles often to help wherever needed.  Currently she is a community liaison but still has some clinical services projects on the side.  Kelly comes from Indiana where she was a therapist before becoming the CEO of a residential facility serving children and adolescents.  She decided to embrace the part-time job life when her second child came along.  Kelly’s two sons attend their neighborhood DCSD schools.  When not working or transporting children, Kelly dreams of going to a beach and is likely found watching teen drama tv shows.

Email: kelly.ulreich@uhsinc.com

Zac Hess

Zac is a husband, father of two beautiful children, and resident of Parker, CO.  He is also a Director of Health, Wellness, and Prevention with Douglas County School District.  Zac is passionate about empowering youth to make healthy and mostly safe choices.  It would be a bit hypocritical to say “totally safe choices.”  Before a career in education, Zac graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and spent 8 years in the U.S. Army as a Blackhawk helicopter pilot.  He was also a collegiate All-American boxer and on the rodeo team.  Throughout his time in the military he came to realize that educating youth would be a better fit for his desire to serve others.  During a rock climbing trip, Zac met his amazing wife, Jill.  Jill is a speech language pathologist and as passionate as Zac about serving youth and families.  With her support, Zac changed careers and started teaching special education and science at a youth correctional facility.  He moved on to teach in middle school in DCSD, became an administrator, and moved on to be a district level administrator.   Zac’s journey into Restorative Practices, Trauma Responsive Care, and Equity led him to Coalition work. Being invited to his first Coalition meeting in 2014 opened his eyes to a whole new world of professionals as passionate as he is about serving youth and families.

Email: znhess@dcsdk12.org

Cathy Dunwody

Cathy has been interested in the “behind the scenes” of health care since working for surgeons in high school. She dedicated over three decades to partnering with health care professionals to advance individual and population health platforms. Given that navigating health care systems can be intimidating and overwhelming, she spent the last two decades helping these systems focus on how patients interact across the medial landscape to reduce chronic health challenges like smoking, pain and heart disease. She supported the strategic, economic and interpersonal linkage of patients’ experiences with health care resources and optimization of outcomes.

Cathy is a strategic-minded, results-oriented marketing executive with diversified experience in regional marketing effectiveness, encompassing local market, customer, brand and multicultural marketing. Her background includes integrated market development, market research and analysis, health plan account management and consultative selling. As an accomplished facilitator, she is able to lead matrix project teams focused on strategic planning and communications.

Cathy holds a B.S. in Microbiology and Biochemistry from the University of Georgia and an M.B.A. in Finance from the

University of Memphis. She really treasures her Emergency Medicine Technician training from Health One in Denver and her Global Health Fellowship with Project HOPE in New Delhi, India.

Cathy is retired and enjoying volunteer opportunities, gardening and cycling.

Email: cathy.dunwody@gmail.com



Bri Rock

Bri has been working in community engagement for more nearly 15 years; both through her time in youth development for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver or currently through her role as the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Parker Police Department.  Bri has seen first-hand the impact a small group of dedicated community members can have on an issue and she is passionate about giving back to ensure the next generation is stronger than the last.

Bri has been with the wonderful Parker Police Department for the past three years.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Non-Profit Management from the University of Northern Colorado. When not working to develop or execute community outreach and engagement efforts, Bri can most often be found spending time outside with her two awesome kids, Noah (7) and Ella (5), her wonderful husband of 12 years, Cody and their sweet pup, Lucy!  She is also an avid gardener and lover of all things involving water.

Email: brock@parkeronline.org