Experts note there is often a link between substance use/abuse and mental health challenges. To address this issue, the Douglas County Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition and Colorado Community Media have partnered to present "Time to Talk," a series of monthly podcasts we hope will empower Douglas County residents to talk about mental health concerns, and solutions. Each month, we'll engage professionals in the fields of juvenile justice, youth substance use and mental health to help parents and community members navigate this important and complex subject. For more information on the Time To Talk story series and in-person community forums dates and locations go to coloradocommunitymedia.com/timetotalk.

Time to Talk

Social-Emotional Skills

Is your child struggling with social or emotional skills? “Fitting in”, or finding a sense of belonging can be challenging for many teens. Share your stories, ideas, experiences, advice, and engage with other parents seeking strategies to support the emotional … Read More

Covid-19 and your teenager

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The combination of teenage years and Covid-19 has created a perfect storm for additional stress at a time in a child’s life that already has potential challenges. Knowing what to say, how to support their teenage needs, dealing with remote … Read More